Commercial Real Estate Renovation Loan

The Commercial Real Estate Renovation Loan is for significant rehabilitation and renovation projects. A DSCR below 1.0x is acceptable if supported by an interest payment reserve. The inclusion of a 2nd note provided by the lender allows for a maximum 85%  loan-to-cost. The loan is a great option for opportunistic financing or any special situation requiring a quick close. Braxton & Company offers a mini-perm loan for your exit strategy, allowing you to stabilize the property for permanent financing or to sell. The bridge loan offers speed, flexibility and simplification.



Key Points

No Up Front Lender Fees

Below 1.0x DSCR Acceptable

Minimum 6 Month Term

Up to 85% CLTC

TI/LC Available

CapEx or PIP (Hotels) 

Quick Close: 5 - 15 Days From Application




$1 million to $10 million+

LTC: Up to 85% 

ARV: Up to 70%

Interest: 8.00% - 10.50% 

Rate: Fixed

Term: 12 to 36 Months

Amortization: Interest Only

DSCR: 1.0 or less *

Non-Recourse Loan




Purchase with Renovation

Refinance Cash-Out for Renovation





Industrial (light)

Mixed Use



Single Tenant

Special Purpose




* Below 1.0x DSCR acceptable if supported by an interest payment reserve