About Braxton and Company

Braxton and Company was established in 2012 as a commercial mortgage brokerage. Financing is arranged for Real Estate Investors, Developers and Business Owners. Loans for commercial real estate, residential investment property and business capital are arranged with competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms. Braxton and Company has no upfront fee and is compensated upon a successful closing. Success is based on past experience and an established working relationship with several reputable lenders.


About Doug Braxton

My name is Doug Braxton and I have been serving the real estate community since 1995. I began as a Realtor in Nashville, TN with a primary focus on investment properties. In 2000 I started my mortgage career in Atlanta, GA and in 2004 obtained the designation of a Certified Mortgage Specialist from Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance. From 2000-2010 I originated consumer home and residential investment property mortgages. In 2005 I added commercial mortgages to my existing portfolio of loan products. In 2012, I opened a commercial mortgage brokerage to exclusively work with experienced Real Estate Investors, Developers and Business Owners.