Alternative Commercial Real Estate Loan

The alternative loan program is designed for investors and business owners seeking a streamlined loan solution. Multiple qualifying solutions include: property cashflow, full documentation, 12 month bank statements or stated income. Quick Close options are available for opportunistic acquisitions or upcoming loan maturity. All property types and purposes (purchase, refinance and cash-out) are eligible for an 80% LTV and up to 100% LTV with additional collateral. With flexible common sense underwriting a previous bankruptcy or foreclosures only needs 2 years of seasoning to be eligible. This is the ideal alternative to a traditional bank or hard money loan.

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Key Points

600 Minimum FICO

No Seasoning Requirement On Title

No Lender Origination Points

Unlimited Cash-Out Up to 80% LTV

Investors Qualify on property cash flow, no personal income verification

Owner Occupied Qualify on Full Doc, 12-Month Bank Statements or Stated Income

Quick Close Available




$250,000 - $1 million+

LTV: up to 80%*

Interest: from 6.00%**

Rate: Fixed and Hybrid options

Fixed Period: 5, 7 & 10 year

Term: up to 30 years

Amort: 15, 20, 25 and 30 years

DSCR: 1.15x minimum

PPP: Multiple Options

Impounds: Property Taxes & Insurance 






Cash-Out (unrestricted)




Automotive Services





Mixed-Use (residential or commercial)

Mobile Home Park (pad income only)

Multifamily  (5+ units)




Self Storage




*Up to 80% LTV on all property types and this includes cash-out transactions with 700+ FICO
Up to 100% LTV with additional collateral

**Pricing is dependent on: Property Type, Loan Term, Location, Loan-to-Value, DSCR, Credit Profile and Quality of Sponsorship