Multifamily Renovation Loan

The Multifamily Renovation Loan provides for minor or major renovations, upgrades and value add purchases. Prior borrower experience in similar projects is required. A great product for providing renovations and the time needed to lease-up for stabilized rent rolls. Loan amounts from $250,000 covers the smallest of projects and extends to beyond $10 million. Investors and Developers demonstrating a successful track record of multifamily development in all types of communities are encouraged to apply.

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Key Points

For Value Add Rehab

No DSCR Requirements

No Interest Charged on Holdback

Experience Required

Quick Due Diligence and Closing




$250,000 - $25 million+

LTC: up to 80% of purchase and 100% of rehab

ARV: up to 70%

Interest: from 6.00%*

Rate: Fixed and ARM options

Term: 12-36 months

Amort: Interest Only

No Minimum DSCR

No Pre-Payment Penalty





Acquisition and Renovation

Refinance and Renovation



Property Types

Multifamily (5+ units)

Mixed-Use >50% Residential

*Pricing is based on: Experience, Credit Profile and Quality of Sponsorship.