In today’s connected world of financial services, you should be concerned about document security and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) compliance. Braxton and Company is committed to protecting the private financial information that is transit or idle. The GLBA provides regulations to protect consumers’ personal financial information held by financial institutions. The Financial Privacy Rule addressed the collection and disclosure of customers’ personal financial information by financial institutions and also applies to companies who obtain such information.

I will only collect and transmit the necessary documents or information requested by the most reliable source capable of funding your request. This notice is intended to provide assurance that Braxton and Company will safeguard all personal and financial information transferred to and from financial institutions while procuring a funding request. Let it be known that Braxton and Company has taken the necessary steps to implement physical, organizational and technical safeguards necessary to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information being processed.



Your confidential information is kept secure during our involvement and properly disposed of upon the completion of your funding request. This can be witnessed via the methods used for sending, receiving and storing confidential information. Braxton and Company implements a secure email and document exchange service for the transmission of confidential information. The secure email and document exchange service incorporates end-to-end 256-bit AES digital encryption. In addition to our secure digital transmissions, a secure digital vault incorporates a AES 256-bit encryption to store confidential information.

So not only is your confidential information safe while in transit, but safe while left idle. I encourage your use of the secure email and document exchange transmissions. Your financial security is of the utmost importance to me. However, you need to be aware of others who may not have your financial security in mind. Make sure to use a secure delivery method when sending sensitive information and that the receiving party implements a secure storage component.



Braxton and Company does not engage in any fraudulent activities and will not tolerate such behavior. Any detected fraudulent activity will be reported.